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Knowledgetics – Driving Insights through Knowledge and Analytics

Knowledgetics provides custom research services with a focus on the Telecom, Media and Technology industry. Knowledgetics has been founded by professionals with vast experience in corporate strategy, consulting and research.

We are a young organisation consisting of dedicated and experienced analysts from across the industry. We provide deepest and value based knowledge excellently interwoven in our research offering which helps in transforming business challenges into opportunities. We strive to provide insight, context, and transparent reporting to our clients which helps them to solve intricate situations in their respective businesses. It is our constant endeavor to pull out the best information through our insightful research and analytical techniques which help our clients take intelligent decisions.


Knowledgetics values are based on QIA model – Quality, Integrity and Accuracy.

  1. Quality (Q)
    At Knowledgetics, we make conscious efforts to exceed client expectations and deliver the highest quality on all projects. The team is committed to build trust-based relationships with clients. We work on the ‘Right first time’ principle and also ensure a ‘3-eye quality check’ to enforce full compliance. At the same time, the team also makes sure that the productivity levels are maintained to be more efficient and effective while accomplishing the overall objective.QIA Model
  2. Integrity (I)
    Knowledgetics maintains highest levels of confidentiality standards to protect client-sensitive information. All Knowledgetics employees need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when they join us. Information is shared on a ‘need-to-know’ basis even within the company and data is stored as per the firm’s ‘data classification category’ to ensure highest levels of data secrecy and security.
  3. Accuracy (A)
    At Knowledgetics, we ensure that information for every project is sourced from authentic and reliable sources. All data / information is verified and validated at multiple levels to drive complete accuracy in every aspect. The team works on the ‘fit for requirement’ principle to comply with the data required versus the data provided to a client.

The QIA value system is integrated within the company in such a way that provides maximum benefit to our clients.


Knowledgetics employs highly skilled professionals with experience in corporate strategy, consulting and research. Each professional is selected and staffed on a client project based on skill-set, knowledge, level of interest, and relevant experience to execute the allocated task.

Service Offerings

We offer customized research services to help our clients meet their unique business propositions related to market intelligence. This includes preparing a specific research report or presentation and analysis of specific market/industry being tracked by our clients. Knowledgetics’ offerings revolve around ‘Market Intelligence’ and ‘Business Intelligence’ services with a focus on Telecom, Media and Technology sector. The service offerings can be broadly classified under the following heads:


Why Join?

Knowledgetics offer various challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. We seek experienced individuals capable of delivering a wide range of value-added services to our clients around the world. The company is in its nascent stage and has big plans to grow in next 2-3 years, which would also provide equal opportunity to its employees to grow at a much faster pace.

The company offers the following benefits to its employees:

    • Mentoring and Coaching
      Every employee is provided on-the-job training by peers and seniors in the team. The senior members also act as a mentor and coach to new employees.


    • Employee Care
      Knowledgetics offer flexible working hours to its employees keeping client deliverables in mind. The company also has an open-door policy and strives to offer work-life balance to its employees.


  • Learning and Development
    Knowledgetics is posed to grow at a fast pace over the course of next 2-3 years, which offers immense learning and development opportunities to all its employees.


Who can Join?

If you are looking for a new and dynamic work experience, Knowledgetics may be the place for you. Knowledgetics is seeking for talent at all levels to develop new capabilities and practice areas. If you have a solid track record, passion for research and analytics, and demonstrated leadership, please contact us for available opportunities at Contact@Knowledgetics.com.

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